4 Easy Ways to Hang Onto Your Sanity as a Stay-at-Home Mom

4 Easy Ways to Hang Onto Your Sanity as a Stay-at-Home Mom

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You read that right; I said “4 Easy Ways to Hang Onto Your Sanity as a Stay-at-Home Mom”.

As mothers, we’re all aware of the fact that we get the ‘short end of the stick’ when it comes to just about everything, but STAY AT HOME mothers? We get the ass end of everything in God’s creation. As a stay-at-home mother, I don’t care who your husband or your ‘ex’ is, or how great he is with the kids (if he’s involved at all), when it comes to the kids, you’re doing the lion’s share of the work, day and night…no question.


Let’s face it, you do everything; from chauffeuring, to cooking to cleaning up after kids AND pets, you’re doing it all. And most of us neglect to take care of our own physical well being, never mind our mental state.

But let me tell you something; If you don’t monitor your mental and emotional wellness, you’ll be no good to those who depend on you for their own stability.

When my kids were younger, I think I just went through my days on autopilot, and looking back, I’d have to admit that I didn’t take care of myself nearly as well as I should have. That was on me.

When you’re feeling like you’re about to lose your mind, that’s on you. That’s your body and your brain telling you that it’s time for a ‘time out’. It’s time for you to power down, and relieve yourself of responsibilities for a few hours. Shoot…if you can get a few days of peace, you should absolutely do it!

When you feel like you’re at that point, here are 4 Easy Ways to Hang Onto Your Sanity as a Stay-at-Home Mom:
  1. Go to bed early

Instead of trying to clean the entire house once the kids are in bed, you should also take the opportunity to get to bed early. You don’t actually have to go to sleep once you get there, but resting your body and your mind for a few extra hours before you actually fall asleep can do wonders for your psyche.

2. Get comfortable with the word “No”.

The second of my 4 Easy Ways to Hang Onto Your Sanity as a Single Mom is to use the word “no” more often.

I love saying “no”. It means that you’re paying attention to your physical limitations, as well as your mental and emotional security.

Saying ‘no’ to the things that don’t make a positive difference in your life for the foreseeable future gives you the power, and the space to say  ‘yes’ to more of the things that actually matter.

3. Do something for your physical well-being.

Physical activity can feel like a literal breath of fresh air; Take up yoga. Go for a brisk walk. Get outside and meditate.

4. Talk to adults during the day.

Most stay-at-home moms value the time that they get to to out in the evening, and interact with actual adults, but my advice to you would be to switch it up a bit, and get out during the daytime as well. Being social only when the sun goes down can have a tendency to make you feel a bit like a vampire, only coming out when it gets dark.

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