10 awesome ways to sell your stuff online

10 Awesome Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online

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10 Awesome Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online.

As a single mom, it can feel like there’s never enough money to cover everything that we need to cover in a month. And we’d all have to admit that we’ve managed to ‘collect’ more than our fair share of crap, thanks in large part to our children.

I remember when my kids were little, there was so much stuff that just seemed to grow from year to year; bikes, roller blades, video games, sporting equipment…you name it, I had it all, sitting in my garage waiting for the day when I could sell every piece of it 🙂

That day came much more quickly than I realized it would, but when it did, I was totally ready.

I have to admit, that I was a bit excited at the thought of freeing up the space that all of this stuff was occupying.

Truth be told, getting rid of all of that stuff felt like someone lifted an elephant off of my chest. It felt like I was getting a new beginning.

Anywho…enough of my blabbering.

When it comes to selling your stuff online, most people automatically think of the usual outlets; Craigslist, ebay, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

Those are all still great options. I found Craigslist to be an invaluable way to sell my stuff, and get money in my hands right away.

Selling unwanted stuff is one of the easiest ways to start saving some money.

I love selling my stuff on Craigslist, but it didn’t make my list of 10 Awesome Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online, because people go on there looking for a DEAL, which isn’t a problem, but when I use the term “deal”, I mean they want your shit for nearly nothing.

So if you’ve got stuff that’s particularly valuable to you, Craigslist isn’t the way to sell it, unless you enjoy haggling with strangers over your stuff.

Anywho…This list also includes some of the apps that I’ve used to sell stuff. I love being able to do everything on my phone when it comes to doing just about anything. Selling my crap is no exception.

Here are 10 Awesome Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online:


The first in the list of 10 Awesome Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online, is Poshmark.

Poshmark is an online sales and social network hybrid for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. It’s fee structure is simple: For any clothing item you sell for under $15, you’ll be charged a $2.95 fee; for anything over $15, the fee is 20%. Poshmark charges your buyer $6.49 for shipping, so you just print out a prepaid shipping label, box up your clothing and send it off.


EBid is very similar to eBay in site design and auction-style selling features. In addition, the site’s fees are very competitive. According to the site, you’ll never pay more than 3% of an item’s final price.

Let Go

If you’re in Canada, letgo is the best place to buy and sell used electronics, furniture, cars, movies, books, fashion, real estate, services, and more. Download the App on the App Store, and you’re good to go!


5miles is a free marketplace to help you buy and sell pre-loved items locally. Just add a photo and include a description to list your item in seconds. Discover thousands of name-brand and one-of-a-kind items being sold at great prices.

On 5miles, as each new item posts, yours is pushed down the list. With a free feature called “boost,” you can move your item back to the top every four hours.


Right in the middle of my choices for 10 Awesome Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online, is Dealo.

With Dealo you now can download, register, list or buy within 30 seconds. It’s the newest, way to buy and sell in your area or worldwide.

Got Used Electronics? 

Continuing the list of 10 Awesome Ways to Sell Your Stuff Online, we can’t forget about those damned electronics!

These are some great ways to sell your used electronics for great money;


For iPhones and Android smartphones, iPods, Macbooks, Android and Apple tablets and smartwatches. A dollar from each transaction is donated by Gizmogul to help build schools around the world.


This site / app buys and sells all phones, tablets and video games.

Buy Back World

For Game consoles, Apple desktop computers, iPhones and Android smartphones, iPods, Macbooks, Android and Apple tablets and smartwatches.


Use Gazelle to get rid of your Apple TV, iPods, all Apple computers, Android and Apple tablets, iPhones and Android smartphones.


For all phones, tablets, video games and wearable technology.

I hope this list was helpful.

Now get that phone out and start selling that stuff!


Debbie 🙂

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